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How to Remove the Rear Drum Brakes From a Toyota Tacoma

How to Remove the Rear Drum Brakes From a Toyota Tacoma

Rear drum brakes on a Toyota Tacoma are more complicated to remove than are the front brakes. Your memory for detail, hand dexterity and coordination will all be tested when you attempt to remove the rear drum brakes. Having some specialty rear brake tools will help, but only marginally. When you do attempt it, it is recommended you remove both drums and leave one side together if you've never performed a rear drum brake job before. This way, you can always use the other wheel as a reference point as you remove the rear drum brakes from your Toyota Tacoma.



things you'll need:

  • Floor jack Two jack stands Wheel chock 1/2-inch drive breaking bar 1/2-inch drive metric socket set (10 to 21 mm) 1/2-inch drive ratchet Hammer Flathead screwdriver Brake shoe retaining spring tool Brake spring pliers Two 8-mm width by 1.25 mm thread pitch bolts WD-40
  1. How to Remove the Rear Drum Brakes From a Toyota Tacoma

    • 1

      Park the Toyota Tacoma on a level paved or concrete surface.

    • 2

      Place a wheel chock in front of one of the front tires.

    • 3

      Break the lug nuts loose on both rear wheels with the breaking bar and a 21-mm socket.

    • 4

      Lift the rear axle on one side of the Tacoma and place a jack stand under the rear axle on that side. Repeat this step for the other side so the rear axle is suspended.

    • 5

      Remove the lug nuts and both tires.

    • 6

      Strike the flat hub face of the drum near the edge to loosen it from the hub. If it is stubborn, spray a little WD-40 into the small screw holes located near the hub. Thread in the two 8 by 1.25 mm bolts and tighten them alternately with the ratchet and a socket to pull the drum away from the hub.

    • 7

      Remove the drum and remove the bolts. Remove the other drum in the same manner.

    • 8

      Start to remove the left side brakes first. Using the brake spring pliers, remove the upper return spring connecting the two shoes together.

    • 9

      Remove the rear shoe (toward the rear of the Tacoma). Hold down the spring by holding the head of the pin on the back of the backing plate with a finger. Use the brake shoe retaining spring tool to twist the spring free from the hold-down pin. Remove the shoe and the anchor spring at the bottom.

    • 10

      Remove the front shoe hold down spring in the same manner. Disconnect the parking brake cable from the bell crank. Remove the E-clip, the automatic adjuster lever. Spread and remove the C washer with the flathead screwdriver, and remove the parking brake lever from the shoe.

    • 11

      Remove the front shoe with the strut intact.

    • 12

      Disconnect the other parking brake cable.

    • 13

      Disconnect the adjuster lever spring and remove the adjuster from the shoe.

    • 14

      To replace, reverse the order. Keep the right side intact to help you put the brakes and hardware back in the same manner they were removed.

    • 15

      Repeat the procedure for the right side, using the left as reference.

Tips & Warnings

  • To become familiar with certain verbiage or terms of parts concerning the rear drum brake removal and replacement, another helpful tool would be a Haynes or Chiltons repair manual for your Toyota Tacoma. These guides have illustrations and point out certain details of what and where to disconnect and reconnect for repairs. These manuals can be purchased at most aftermarket parts stores.

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