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How to Replace a 2002 Toyota Camry Oxygen Sensor

How to Replace a 2002 Toyota Camry Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen or O2 sensor in your 2002 Toyota Camry is important to the proper operation of the fuel management system. If you are starting to experience hard starts, poor idle quality and stalling, you may have a faulty O2 sensor. In most cases, a defective O2 sensor will normally cause the CEL or check engine light on the dash to light up, indicating a problem somewhere in the system. Have the computer scanned at an auto parts store (most will do it free) to determine if that is the problem on your Camry.

Moderately Easy


things you'll need:

  • Jack
  • Jack stands
  • O2 sensor socket
  • Ratchet
    • 1

      Raise the front of your Camry with a jack. Position a set of jack stands under the car to support it; remove the jack.

    • 2

      Locate the O2 sensor in the exhaust pipe under the car. The sensor is located right behind the catalytic converter and has a wiring harness pigtail connected to the end of it.

    • 3

      Follow the wiring harness pigtail back to the connector where it joins the wiring harness on the car. Release the locking clip on the connector and separate the two halves, pulling on the connector body, not on the wires.

    • 4

      Turn the O2 sensor counterclockwise with an O2 sensor and a ratchet until it is free from the threads in the exhaust. Remove the O2 sensor from the car and discard it.

    • 5

      Thread the new sensor into the exhaust pipe by hand to ensure you do not cross thread it. Tighten the sensor with a ratchet and O2 sensor socket.

    • 6

      Connect the pigtail from the new O2 sensor to the wiring harness connector on the car, pushing the two halves together until the locking tab engages. Be sure to route the wires away from the exhaust so they do not melt when the car is running.

    • 7

      Raise the car off the jack stands with a jack and remove the stands from under the car. Lower the car to the ground and remove the jack.

    • 8

      Start the engine to verify the repair was successful, checking the warning lights on the dash. If the CEL or check engine light is out, the sensor is operating properly.

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